OctoCurse is an action platformer following the story of a pirate captain who has been turned into an octopus by an evil spirit. The little octopus embarks on the quest to save the rest of his crew and reverse the curse.

Experience epic pirate adventure. Explore levels, collect coins, unlock doors and climb the mysterious tower as you get closer and closer to the final showdown.

Make your way through the tropical jungle, brave the harsh winter, weather the storm and endure other exciting environs. Save your friends and meet new ones along the way.

  • Precise controls with controller support
  • Over 100 fun and thrilling levels to discover
  • 5 excitingly different action-filled chapters
  • Defeat tenacious enemies and avoid deadly traps
  • Collect coins and unlock new levels
  • Customize your character with stylish and snazzy hats
  • Special Hard Mode to put your skills to test
  • Earn ratings based on your dazzling performance

It’s time to reverse the curse! All tentacles on deck!

Made with ❤  by Ajvar Studio, two men game factory.
Support us or just say hi! ajvar.studio@gmail.com


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The download version said it was 64bit only (even though the folder name said both)

Hey, you should be able to play 64it version on all modern version of windows.

"The browser could not allocate enough memory...."

Hi vecuccio what browser are you using?

This game is so fun! You did spell courage wrong though

Thanks connorsw, we'll fix it!

You're welcome! I'm glad I could help.

火前留名 :>

Your project page is nice

Very well depicted!!!

Thank you randomguy! :)

Thanks! Going to give your game a try :)

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Thanks Ganjo, hope you like it!